The rescued raccoon continues to visit the home of the woman who saved his life to cuddle with her!

Even animals know how to be grateful to those who save their lives. In the animal world there is also loyalty and love.
Little Hands is a raccoon who still visits the woman who saved his life. He was only a few weeks old when this woman found him in the woods. After discovering that he was lost, she decided to take care of him because otherwise he would not have survived.

Mrs. Robinson made sure that the little raccoon received the utmost attention and care. She didn’t want to leave him there or return him to the wild until the little raccoon was fully healed.
After this story was published online, the comments were divided. Some were against adopting the little raccoon, while others supported Mrs. Robinson’s decision.

This brave woman gave the unfortunate animal a second chance at life. Mrs. Robinson had help in caring for the little raccoon, it was her mother. At first she was against it, but later she got attached to it and grew very fond of it.
The little raccoon was bottle-fed up to five times a day.

“Little Hand”, as he was called, was adopted at the beginning of June, and at the end of the summer he was already released into the wild. He was independent enough and ready for his natural habitat. He simply belonged there, and now he could fend for himself.

The unusual thing about Little Ručica is that out of gratitude to this woman, this little animal always comes back to greet her and then returns to the forest.
Even today, he likes to hug Mrs. Robinson whenever he sees her. He always gets his favorite treat and returns to the forest.

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