What is the maximum height from which a cat can fall and survive?

There are documented cases of cats falling from the 32nd floor of a New York skyscraper and surviving.
Have you ever wondered how high a cat can fall and survive? You’ve probably heard that a cat “always lands on its feet” when it falls, but the following text will tell you the exact height.

A cat’s ability to survive a fall from great heights is manifested in a series of quick, perfectly coordinated movements that bring the animal to a horizontal position with its legs pointing down. Thanks to this reflex turn of the body, the cat lands on its paws regardless of the speed of the fall. After 30 meters the speed is usually 100 kilometers per hour, but it does not increase after that due to several limiting factors.
According to a study of 115 cats that fell from 6 to 100 meters, only 11 cats died from injuries, mostly to the chest. Unfortunately, this percentage is not possible in humans.
Cats can also spread their legs to create a sort of parachute effect.
In the conclusion of his study, the New York veterinarian says that of ten cats that fall from a height of 1,000 meters, nine would probably survive.

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