The owner walks his dying Labrador for the last time, just like he used to do!

The friendship between man and dog is one of the most sincere. It is unnecessary to write about the loyalty of a dog. The dog will love you unconditionally and wait for you, it will be your protector and if necessary it will give its life for you. Only those who have or had a dog can understand how great the emptiness is left by the day we lose it. No one can fill that void. This is a story that will make you appreciate even more the time you spend with your pet. This is a story about saying goodbye, about a last trip to the mountains, a story about saying goodbye to two best friends.

Carlos Fresco is a man who has been hiking for years. Mountaineering is his hobby, which he practises whenever he has time besides his work. His companion in conquering the peaks was not, as usual, another mountaineer. His companion was his dog named Monty. Carlos and Monty had been exploring forests, mountains and hills for years. They often visited the Brecon Beacons mountains in South Wales, they loved this area, says Carlos Fresco.

A Labrador named Monty was ten years old. His owner Carlos Fresco realised he had little time left in life as the dog had been diagnosed with leukaemia, so he decided to take one last trip together, as they had done in the past.

Their destination was the summit of Pen y Fan, and the dog used the collie to get there. The humans were happy to see this, but when Carlos explained to them what it was all about, they were sad and went on their way with tears in their eyes.

Labradoodle Monty died on 21 June 2021, after taking his last walk. The disease was very persistent and his ten-year-old body could no longer fight back sufficiently. Sadly, Monty no longer had the strength to fight on.

Fresco explained: "Although he was weak, he enjoyed the shouting and the attention he received from so many well-wishers. People in the hills were so kind and at the same time saddened by his deteriorating condition. In fact, complete strangers asked if they could help push Monty on his final journey - many complete strangers shed a tear because we all love our little four-legged friends so much."

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