Helpless And Sad Pregnant Pit Bull Left In A Park 3 Days Before She Gave Birth

A pregnant female pit bull was found abandoned in a park on the night of December 8, 2020. The man who was supposed to protect and care for her abandoned her when she needed him the most. Pregnant dogs need special care and attention. However, some people simply have no compassion for animals and then look for the easiest way to get rid of them.

Surveillance cameras of the park where the poor dog was left caught the man behaving in an extremely cowardly manner. The camera captured the exact moment when a person appeared in the facility with a helpless dog and tied it to a pole.

The frightened dog did not know why the owner brought him there, and then just went home. The poor thing just wagged her tail and looked in his direction as he left.
Fortunately, a group of good people heard about it and decided to adopt the dog. They just couldn’t leave the poor dog alone in the park, and the birth wasn’t far away either! The dog cooperated very well with these good people.

Animals, like people, feel good and bad things, so this dog also felt that birth was very close and had to accept the help of these unknown people.

Her face was sad and she resigned herself to the worst, but she fought to save her baby. The people fed her, and then took her to the nearest veterinary clinic.

When the dog arrived at the clinic, she was exhausted and a little scared from the trip, so she just wanted to rest. However, the pregnant pit bull bitch was having a hard time breathing because of her big belly.
After the ultrasound examination, the doctor stated that everything is fine, but that the birth is very close.
The woman who adopted the abandoned pit bull was very upset and scared.

She waited with uncertainty for the arrival of the little puppies. This woman with a big heart decided to adopt and take care of a mother and her children. Pit bull mother gave birth to five healthy puppies!

After the horror this pregnant pit bull must have felt when he was left on the street, he could finally be happy and safe with his puppies.

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