A paralysed little puppy drags itself through the streets begging for help, but no help comes!

Abandoned dogs have to deal daily with the great adventures that the street brings. They are often in danger from traffic, from other animals, they are often victims of humans and their monstrous behaviour. Even for a healthy animal it is hard to survive, and it is especially hard if it is disabled in any way. Because of the daily need for food, abandoned strays often end up in danger.
A small stray dog was found on the street in a very bad condition. His hind legs were completely severed, leaving him dragging himself helplessly along the road, begging for help.
The dog was in very poor health, anaemic, frightened, dehydrated and emaciated. It is suspected that he was the victim of a large dog bite.

A bite wound was clearly visible on his body. There was no one to give the dog medical attention and care, and no one gave him anything to eat or drink. Mostly people came to see him, take photos and move on.
Thank God there are good and humane people in the world. When they cannot take responsibility for keeping and caring for a stray dog, they call for help. In this case, a good person called the animal welfare service in charge and they responded quickly.
Although he was injured and in pain, this small but brave dog did not think of surrendering. He believed that everything would be all right in the end. And he was right.

She was cared for at the Talingchan veterinary hospital. There, after a thorough examination, it was found that the dog had indeed been injured by the bite of another dog, breaking its hind legs and spine.

Good people and excellent doctors at this animal hospital did their best to save the dog. It is still not clear if he will ever be able to stand on his feet again, and so the rehabilitation continues with occasional visits to the doctor for check-ups.

We owe a big thank you to the man who called for help and thus saved the little dog’s life. We pray for a speedy recovery and a happy outcome.

Don’t leave without sharing her heart-warming story. We hope it reaches someone interested in adopting this pure soul.

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