The man thought that the noise of pigeons was coming from his terrace, but what he saw totally shocked him!

Belgian Jos Baarta had an unusual encounter with one of the largest owls in the world. This owl is also known as the owl eagle or Bubo bubo. This beautiful owl was nesting on Jos Baarta’s terrace, on the third floor of the building where he lived with his family. These owls usually nest on cliffs and hills and often occupy abandoned eagle nests.

Jos had heard the unusual sound for days, but he thought it was just the pigeons that come to his terrace every year, so he didn’t attach much importance to it.
“I thought, damn, those pigeons again,” Jos Baarta said.

Eventually it turned out that they were not pigeons, but a large owl, and not alone, but in fours!
The owl was hatching three more little owlets in its nest. When Jos Baarta noticed that there was a nest of tawny owls on his terrace, he noticed another amazing detail. These owls were following the television programme in Jos’ flat with incredible attention.

The television programme “Early Birds” featured a segment on how these irresistibly cute owls follow a television programme. A mother owl carefully guards her little babies while they enjoy a TV programme.

“From there, it has a good view of the nest,” he explains in the video. “She can stay there for six to eight hours at a time.”
Baart also admits that he has become accustomed to these uninvited guests. Although they have taken up residence on his terrace unexpectedly, he will be very sorry when they have to leave one day. The life expectancy of these owls is about 20 years, in zoos they can live up to 60 years.

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