Kitten got caught in a heavy downpour and did not know where to go: The dog came to the rescue

One day a woman named Monica went for a walk with her dog Hazel. It was raining hard and she and her dog got soaked in no time. The rain did not stop and they walked towards the house.

At some point they saw a little kitten on the sidewalk that didn’t know what to do and was running up and down meowing in a panic.

At that moment, the most surprising thing happened – Hazel, the dog, decided to take charge of the situation. First he stared at the kitten, then he nudged it with his nose and grumbled in a friendly way. The kitten took this as a sign and ran after the dog in the direction of Monica’s house.

The rain began, and soon it stopped. The woman was sure that the kitten would now calm down and go about its business, but no, it continued to follow its big, new-found friend.

They made it home this way and she realized that she couldn’t leave the kitten on the street, even though she couldn’t let it live with her forever.

As it turned out, the baby was a girl Monica named Sheba. This Sheba soon moved in with her own brother.

Yes, of course, it’s a bit of a shame that a long friendship between Sheba and the good dog Hazel didn’t work out, but sometimes circumstances are irresistible. In any case, Monica’s brother is a good and caring man, and the little girl will be happy there.

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