After a mama horse lost her foal, fate sent her an orphaned foal! Check out her story!

A Friesian horse named Uniek lives in the Netherlands. Soon she was due to give birth to her first foal. But when she went into labour, Uniek sensed something was wrong. Animals, just like humans, can sense good and bad things. She was very agitated, walking restlessly around the stable, trembling and even her owner Yvonne could not help her calm down.

Her pain and suffering continued for an hour and when the farmer called the vet to help her bring her baby into this world, there was no good news. Unfortunately, when they took the foal out, it was not alive. Uniek tried to suckle it, she licked it, but it did not move. Despite all the efforts of Uniek I’s vet, the little foal could not be saved.

After the foal was taken out of the stable, Uniek was left to suffer and her pain broke her owner’s heart. It was really too hard for him to see her so sad and broken.
Uniek should have been an overjoyed mother, but unfortunately her first birth ended tragically.
Uniek suffered for a long time. A few weeks after this sad event, Yvonne received a call from her friend. Her friend also has her own farm with horses. She told her something that made Yvonne very happy. Her friend asked her to take care of a foal from her farm, as it was without its mother due to unfortunate circumstances. Yvonne was surprised, but she wanted the first meeting between Uniek and the little foal to happen gradually. When the foal arrived at the farm, Yvonne was honestly afraid of how Uniek would accept the little foal. She stood by and watched her reaction.
Uniek approached the foal, she sniffed at it and the foal did the same. Their first contact was real and more than positive!

Yvonne knew that Uniek and the little foal found comfort in each other. Uniek got her new baby, and the little foal got its new mother. When Yvonne went to the stable the next day, she saw a truly wonderful sight.
Uniek began to be very protective of her adopted foal. She followed him everywhere, kept an eye on him and showed her protective side at every moment. Yvonne named him Rising Star.

Although it was a sad story from the beginning, it ended the way these two wonderful creatures deserved!
Watch an attachment to this story in the video below:

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