The little puppy is wounded and hungry, he comes to his rescuer and asks for help!

This is the story of an injured little puppy who was rescued by a man with a big heart. One ordinary day, as he sat in his garden, he thought he heard the dog barking softly and helplessly. He approached the fence and saw a poor little puppy who was almost starved to death.

He had wounds all over his body, his little body was covered with ticks, he was anaemic, just fighting for his life. The man had to react immediately. He did not know where the puppy came from, where its mother was and what had happened to it. The puppy was only a few weeks old.
The man immediately bandaged its wound. He cleaned it with a special powder from worms and other parasites. The little puppy was frightened, his whole body ached, but in spite of all these bad and painful feelings, he made soft sounds of joy. He was happy because someone had helped him.

In consultation with a veterinarian, the man regularly changed the bandages for the little puppy so that everything remained clean and sterile and he could continue to live normally as soon as possible.

Believe it or not, a few days later, the man who had rescued the little puppy happened to find its siblings! The man was shocked by the sight. Of course, he was ready to adopt them and take them off the street, but to be on the safe side, he went a little further to look for their mother. But she was nowhere to be found. To this day it is a mystery what happened to the puppies, if their mother died or if an insensitive man threw them away!

Shortly after giving the little puppy first aid, it quickly got better with the help of the rest of the team. With proper nutrition and lots of love, the little dog was soon back on her feet, healthy and playful, and the wound was almost completely healed! This video went viral on the internet and was seen all over the world. This wonderful man with a big heart deserves recognition for his humanity!

Watch the video about this wonderful little dog:

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