Meet Khaleesi, a dog rescued from certain death by humane people!

The Bulgarian rescue service that deals with dog rescue, “Rudozem”, received a call to rescue a stray dog that was on the verge of death. The condition they found the poor dog in was shocking. He told one of the rescuers that he had never seen anything like it in all his years of service. The dog looked completely broken, starved and shaky, and the rescuers wondered if he would even survive the transport to the veterinary hospital.

They approached the dog carefully and calmly and saw that he was in a lot of pain. The hard life on the street had consequences. In order for the dog to survive, they had to respond urgently, the dog could barely stay on its feet, but still it drew the last ounce of strength to stay alive. She knew that these good people would help her. They called her Khaleesi

She still had a long way to go, but the eyes of this brave animal showed strength and willingness to endure anything.
She clung to life as best she could with all the strength in her little heart.

After she was admitted to the ambulance, they bathed her for the first time, fed her, gave her the necessary medication and, above all, lots of love and tenderness.
Slowly but surely, the dog came back to life and it was really wonderful to see. She always cooperated willingly with the vets, she received all the necessary vaccinations, and her leg was also immobilised with a plaster cast, she really felt much better at last!

She quickly regained her appetite and playfulness, and the gratitude for good people was visible in her eyes.

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