A dying woman says “I love you!” to her bird, and his reaction will break even the hardest hearts!

Have you ever seen a suffering bird in your life? Let me introduce to you: Sinbad. Sinbad is an African grey parrot who has lived with his owner since the beginning of his life, who will unfortunately leave him forever. This wonderful bird stayed with the woman who took care of him all these years until the end.
Sinbad didn’t want to leave the hospital room until the end, he spent 25 years with her, she took care of him, fed him, nursed him, and so he wants to give back to her in this way and thank her for everything.

He wanted her to know that she had passed away peacefully and quietly and that he was with her. This woman was like a mother to Sinbad, and perhaps even more than that.

The time to say goodbye finally arrived and Sinbad shed tears like a child. To her words “I love you” he has shown a reaction that will break many hearts, even the hardest …

Watch a video about this sad farewell:

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