The girl gently sings her rescued puppy to sleep

Lauren Malone is a woman who lives in Connecticut with her young daughter Katie. Feeling a little lonely, the two decided to brighten up their lives the way many others have done in the past: they adopted a fur baby into their lives.

The two thought for days about what kind of dog would suit them best and where they would adopt it from. Finally, they decided to adopt an American Labrador Retriever. However, they were both concerned that the little puppy might be afraid of his new surroundings. What is a loving family to do under these circumstances?

The lullaby, a true classic, was sung perfectly by the smiling girl. She was barely able to focus on her mother, who was filming the whole event; in the warm sun, she was rocking her new family member to sleep in the most comfortable of ways. The dog’s face is finally nestled completely against the torso of the petite girl!

Oakley was completely put to sleep, but the girl continues to sing the lullaby, as if to seal the slumber. She gently caresses him and her own radiant smile is not to be missed. Even though this was just the beginning of their relationship, she promised to deliver a truckload of cuddles, kisses, cuddles and naps to Oakley! The excited grin from a few hours ago was slowly replaced by a satisfied smile as he drifted off into a deep slumber.

Since the video was posted on the internet, it instantly went viral. Tens of thousands of people clicked on the video over and over again to see the touching interaction between man and animal. Many commenters noted how gentle and kind-hearted the girl was as she sang her little baby to sleep. Some said it was clear proof that she would be a great mother to a human baby once she grows up.

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