Inmate kills two Pedophiles in prison to ‘do the world a favor

‘I thought I was doing the world a favor’: Inmate murders two child molesters in prison – An inmate named Jonathan Watson murdered two fellow inmates convicted of aggravated sexual assault of children under 14. Explosive: In advance, he had even warned prison officials that something like this would happen.

Watson has been serving a life sentence in a California prison for murder since 2009. He was initially housed in the maximum-security wing, but after progress was seen in him, the 41-year-old was moved to a lower-security part of the prison.

Against his will, mind you.

As the local paper Mercury News reported, citing a letter from Watson, he had filed “a whole series of grievances” protesting his transfer and warned prison staff several times that he would assault a fellow inmate if he was transferred to a lower security level. He “urgently” asked not to be transferred, but to no avail.

Watson goes on to write in the letter that six days after his security level was lowered, “a child molester” was transferred to his wing. In public, he says, the latter began watching children’s shows on television, which he and the other inmates, in view of what the man had done, considered a provocation.

When he repeated this “provocation” a few days later, Watson hit the man with the walking stick of another inmate.

No one from the staff had noticed anything, so the 41-year-old went in search of guards. In the process, Watson encountered a second child molester and summarily decided to kill him as well. Watson’s reasoning: “I thought I was doing the world a favor.”

He then finally found a prison guard to whom he immediately confessed the murders. According to the report, Watson was then transferred to another prison wing and has been awaiting a new trial there ever since.

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