Dog dies 15 minutes after its 25-year-old owner loses sad battle with cancer

Have you ever had a pet that would have sacrificed its own life for you? Have you ever had a furry friend for whom you are the only bright spot in life and whose life would have no meaning without you? Such unbreakable and strong bonds are typical for humans and dogs.
A person suffers equally for his pet, with whom he grew up or shared difficult and sad, but also happy moments in life. We bond with animals as we do with family members.

A young man named Stuart Hutchison from the United Kingdom was only 25 years old when he was diagnosed with a type of rare malignant tumour that was so advanced that the young man quickly lost his battle with life. Friends and family remember him as a wonderful man who loved people and animals.

His little dog named Nero, actually a French bulldog, was especially attached to him, more than anyone else in the family. The dog probably sensed his sadness and pain, so he thought he needed more attention than the others. He never left him alone, but followed him everywhere.
The climax of this friendship was the day Stuart died, and the little dog Nero just 15 minutes after him. His little heart could not bear that grief. There was no point living without the other half of his soul.

Stuart’s mother Fiona Conaghan said Nero had always been there for him, until his last breath.
Young Stuart did not have much luck in life, because in addition to a malignant disease, he also had to cope with saying goodbye to his wife Daniela, who left him a year before he died. His mother Fiona Conaghan was always there for him, even in the most difficult situations. As much as they prepared for this moment, they could never fully comprehend the untimely death of this wonderful man. His departure was painful for everyone, but probably most of all for little Nero.
Nero was 2 years old when he ran after his owner.
We believe that Stuart and Nero will meet again in a better place in a happier and easier life for both of them.

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