The dog, lost and stuck in the fence, sheds tears but cannot move its body!

Stray dogs are exposed to dangers every day. In search of food or warm shelter, they run into various difficulties. Life on the street is really hard. This dog is proof of that. In order to find food, he was forced to crawl through the fence. But it went wrong and he was stuck.
He tried for a long time to free himself, but he couldn’t. When someone finally stopped to help the poor dog, he was already covered in mud and very exhausted. The next picture shows how much strength this dog didn’t have.

The dog tried to free himself for many hours before giving up. The dog was in a very bad condition. There were bones all over his body, he was very lethargic, and the fact that he was still alive can only be attributed to his indescribable will to live, which overcomes all unfortunate circumstances.

Locals came to her aid and immediately called a local rescuer. But for a long time no one appeared, and then they decided to take matters into their own hands and help the dog. People cut one of the metal poles to get the dog out. They carefully took him out of the sun and gave him first aid. They gave him water and something to eat and then cleaned the dirt off him. The dog was very excited. At first he refused food.

When the veterinary services finally arrived, they took the dog and took him to the ambulance. There they gave him an antibiotic infusion and an iron infusion because the dog was anemic.
A few bruises from the fence remained on the body. When the poor dog finally felt a little better, when the fear disappeared and when he realized that he was saved with the help of these good people, the dog simply shed a tear.

The tears were a sign of relief. Everyone in the clinic was shocked, everyone could feel the pain of this poor dog.
Without the people who came to her aid at the last moment, this dog would not have remained alive for much longer.
After the treatment, the dog will be taken care of and a good family will surely be found who would like to enrich their life with such a fighter.

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