A brave dog rescues a small stranded beaver and carries it home!

People were shocked to see an unusual sight at Lake Hickory Hills in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. Wally, the dog, is a two-year-old golden retriever who stays at this lake with his owner Lauren Lynde. He loves to swim in the water, and Lynde encourages him by throwing a stick into the water, which Wally then catches and returns to his owner.

One day, while Wally was having fun in the water, something completely unbelievable happened. All of a sudden she saw something climbing onto her dog’s back. From a distance, she couldn’t make out what it was, but as the dog got closer and closer to the shore, everything became clearer. Nailme, her dog Wally had apparently rescued the beaver from the water!

Lynde was shocked by the sight. Probably the little beaver had fallen into the lake through unfortunate circumstances, and then the water itself had carried it to this place. Fortunately, Wally was in the right place at the right time.

The beaver trusted him completely, so he took the brave dog up on his offer to help him, and fortunately survived.

Lynde said, “Wally loves every animal he meets. He adores children and kisses them on the cheek whenever he sees them. He is the most loving dog.”

We feel that we can learn a lot from animals. The way they give unconditional help to another species is truly amazing. They often sacrifice their own lives to help others.
As they said goodbye, Wally and his grateful friend just rubbed noses and then went their separate ways.

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