Exhausted mum dog lying on the street waiting for help!

The unfortunate pregnant mother was found lying exhausted and helpless on the road, waiting for help. The unfortunate mother, who was about to give birth, lay motionless on the road, injured but still brave and persevering to stay alive to save her unborn puppies.

She was found by a man who immediately called an animal rescue centre.
This mum dog was lucky that help arrived at the right time, but many strays die on the streets every day without the opportunity to get help. The inadequate care for stray dogs makes it difficult for both sides. Stray dogs that are not spayed and neutered are born on the streets where they are exposed to daily dangers. It is rare to find good people who adopt stray dogs, mostly they choose purebred dogs that are great Instagram models.

The rescue centre “Guardianes de todos los sin voz” responded quickly to a call from a good person and helped the unfortunate pregnant dog. The condition they found her in did not leave much hope for the survival of the mother and her puppies. The mum dog was on the verge of collapse.

Literally every second was too important for her life. The rescuers quickly took the dog to the nearest veterinary hospital, in great concern for the lives of the mother dog and her puppies, because without them they would not have survived either. The dog was breathing very heavily and she was also in a lot of pain.
At the veterinary station, the dog received appropriate help, but just when they thought the matter was under control, they noticed that the unfortunate dog’s temperature was rising and was very high.
As with humans, so with animals, a high temperature poses a risk to a pregnant mum dog and her puppies.
A team of truly dedicated and courageous people fought for this dog. They did everything in their power.
In order to stabilise the dog condition, she immediately received an intravenous infusion with the necessary medication. While providing assistance. the rescuers noticed another problem. The dog could not move her paws, which worried everyone even more.
A few days after the rescue, the mother dog gave birth to seven puppies, two of which unfortunately did not survive.

Unfortunately, the poor condition in which the mother dog was found also had consequences for the two puppies. Thanks to the quick help of the rescue team, the mother dog and her five puppies are now out of danger.

Good family who adopt them gave them help and lots of love so that their recovery progressed quickly.
Mum dog quickly regained her strength and regained her appetite. She was able to take very good care of her children.

This adorable mum dog is overjoyed to see her puppies growing up, she is always smiling and giving them all the love they deserve.

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