The cow lost more and more milk and the farmer noticed that she went into the forest in the evening: he decided to follow her

Steve, a Scottish farmer, had a small herd of dairy cows. One day he noticed that Leela, who normally gave the most milk, could no longer milk.

The vet assured him that there was nothing wrong with the animal, so the farmer decided to keep a closer eye on the cow in the pasture at the edge of the forest. Soon he noticed that the cow sometimes went into the forest in the evening and decided to follow her.

The farmer always took the cows to a clearing near the forest. When he noticed that Leela was lagging behind the herd, the man followed her. He continued carefully so as not to frighten the animal, and eventually came to a clearing that was hidden by trees.

The cow stood a little distance away, obscuring something. Steve stepped closer and saw a small calf. It looked like Leela had brought it into the clearing on purpose a few weeks ago, as if to hide it from people. It took the farmer about ten minutes to understand why.

“We always take all the calves, raise them separately from the adults, and then put them in a new herd,” he said. Leela didn’t seem very happy about this development,” Steve explained.

Eventually, the calf was left with the cow. Steve decided to rethink his farming plans.

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