After removing more than 2 pound of hair from an unknown animal, veterinarians saw a beautiful cat

It was one of the most incredible transformations. When an Arizona Humane Society (AHS) worker saw the animal, she couldn’t tell what she was looking at; it was just a clump of dirty and matted hair. With scissors and clippers, she transformed it into an adorable cat named Fluffer.

A post about the incident was published on the official Facebook page of AHS on May 27. The cat was found on the street and immediately brought to specialists who had to work hard to give her back her natural beauty.

After the haircut, the cat lost 32 ounce of her 6 pound body. Fluffer did a great job, she bravely endured the haircut.

As it turned out, the kitten was four years old and lived on the street since the death of her owner. Julie Bolchalk, who works at the center, confessed that she had never seen such a neglected case.

And the best part is that the kitten was picked up two days later by its new owners.

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