“Take care of my babies”: a rescued tigress entrusted people to take care of her babies

The tigress rescued from the mobile zoo survived despite all forecasts and gave birth to two cubs

A touching story occurred in White Lion Park, where Alexa, a beautiful tigress with a difficult fate, is kept. As a tiger cub, she was rescued from a mobile zoo.

The tiet was seriously ill and had to endure a lot. Many veterinarians advised to put it to sleep, but “her human” did not give up. The little Amur tigress came back to life and even, contrary to predictions, began to walk.

After some time Alexa became a mother. And again a miracle happened: she allowed her protector and rescuer to be by her side, and unconditionally entrusted her children to him.

Staff say that the two newborn tiger cubs are most likely girls. They note that Alexa is doing very well as a mother.

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