Boy started hugging stray dogs because he thought no one would look at him

Young Ibrahim was on his way to school when he noticed a couple of stray dogs sunning themselves on a pile of fallen autumn leaves.

The boy walked up to the stray dogs, hugged one of them and petted the other.

A resident of a neighboring house noticed this and captured Ibrahim on video. The video of the innocent hug soon went viral.

People who recognized the boy as Ibrahim said he was a very kind and selfless child.

Very often parents teach their children not to like stray dogs. They tell them that the animals are sick or dangerous. In this way, parents want to protect their child. This leads them to develop an unfounded fear of any dog they meet on the street.

The bottomless eyes of the stray dogs are full of pain and hope. It is instilled by boys like Ibrahim.

Children and adults who are willing to give their affection and love to an animal. Those who want to care and help, who want to feed and warm.

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