Bodybuilding fans undoubtedly know one of the eternal rivalries between Eddie “The Beast” Hall and Icelander Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. These two giants have been the best in their business for decades. But Eddie Hall has a worthy successor.

Eddie’s son Maximus is without a doubt one of the most muscular boys in the world! At only ten years old, this boy shows incredible strength, but also hard strength training, which he does together with his father.

On his YouTube channel called “Beast jnr”, Eddie posts videos showing him bench pressing and doing other exercises with his son, and his son’s strength is simply impressive.

This awesome kid starts his workout with 20 kg dumbbells. When he is ready, Eddie gives him the next challenge, which is to lose 40 kilograms.

Maximus accepts every task his father gives him and shows no weakness; on the contrary, he perseveres with every exercise, even with multiple repetitions.

Eddie, better known by the nickname “the Beast,” is extremely proud of his son and his results. He never lets him out of his sight; if an exercise is difficult, he is there to help him.

When Eddie wanted to illustrate his son’s fitness and ruggedness, he asked his cameraman Jamie to try the exercise. Jamie doesn’t work out, but Eddie assigned him a 40-pound bench press exercise. The witty Jamie immediately replied that he could only lift 20 kilograms.

The cameraman struggled with the weight; in the end he was completely exhausted and admitted that at 23 years old he could not do what ten-year-old Maximus could do.

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