Two Guys Create ‘Leather’ From Cactus, Will Save 1 Billion Animals Killed For Fashion!

Millions of people have raised awareness that the killing of animals due to the fashion industry must stop. Billions of animals were killed so that rich ladies could afford fur or a new bag. Furthermore, almost all cosmetic products were tested on animals. Today, things have shown themselves, thanks to organizations that fought for animal rights.
One of the world’s largest animal protection organizations, PETA, was among the first to launch an action to ban animals due to the fashion industry.
Even false fur is not good for the environment because it is made of plastic that is not biodegradable and is therefore harmful to the environment. Many chemicals are used to produce postal fur, which, apart from the environment, is not good for human health either.

Adrián López Velarde and Marta Cázarez are two of the companies that have found something that is, in a way, the best alternative.
Their company “Adriano di Marta” has launched a fabric made of a cactus newspaper, better known as “Desserto”.
This cactus has a rough surface, it is hard and thick enough, but it is very well-finished and gives a nonverbal softness and quality to the fabric as a final product.
The result is a fabric that has an identical skin appearance and also the same softness. This is a perfect discovery because no animal has to suffer anymore.
This species of cactus grows in the desert and needs very little water.
For the dyeing of “Adriano di Marta” are used only natural colors that do not pollute the environment. You can find the fabric in almost all colors, and since it is made from cacti, it is biodegradable.

“Adriano di Marta” offers the best alternative and a net to fight the killing of animals, their product is environmentally friendly and organic. The price is almost the same as that of real skin.
The creators were able to make car seats, bags, shoes, and even clothes from all the cactus material.

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