Cat shows aggressiveness towards new babysitter, she wanted to tell him something important

But there are also cats that are not particularly moody or secretive. Some cats have the heart and courage to do things that are difficult or unimaginable for some people.

This video story posted on YouTube by “Wonderbot Animals” is about a sweet cat named Zara who rescued her family’s baby from an abusive babysitter.

Daniel and Mary were very excited when they found out they were going to have a baby. Even the family cat, Zara, wanted to meet baby Ollie. Once Ollie was in his room, the two cuddled and slept together.

When Mary’s maternity leave ended and she wanted to return to work, she turned to Alicia, a family friend, to take care of Ollie while she worked.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, except for the fact that Zara didn’t really like Alicia, even though she had met her before the baby was born and seemed to be doing well. Alicia tried to explain to Mary that maybe Zara was being aggressive toward her because she smelled her dog.

Mary and Daniel worried as the days passed because Ollie was also acting differently now. He had always been an affable baby, but lately he had seemed quite sensitive, flinching when Mary called her husband from the other room. Something strange was happening with both the cat and little Ollie.

Mary and Daniel weren’t quite sure what was going on, but they were convinced it had something to do with their new nanny. The couple decided to use their crafty cat and set up a recording device to see if they could hear anything suspicious when they weren’t home.

To see how Zara responded to the abusive nanny and saved little Ollie, watch the full video story posted by Wonderbot Animals:

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