Sick dog dumped like a trash bag and left to die ! But the fate had different plans for the poor dog

When animal rights activists first see the dog Molly in the British town of King’s Lynn, they are shocked how the former dog owner could neglect the animal so much. The bitch was abandoned and left to her own fate. Now she hopes for a happy ending.

The four-legged friend was walking alone on the English streets when pedestrians noticed her. The small Shi-Tzu bitch was very skinny and her fur unkempt. The rescuers had no idea that the dog was in much worse shape.

Tumor the size of a mango discovered

At the vet a large tumor was discovered. The growth, the size of a mango, became visible on her belly after she was freed from her matted fur. The tumor was hanging down from her belly due to the heavy weight and was even hindering the dog from walking. Fortunately, the tumor was removed with the help of surgery. However, this was not the only physical problem that was noticed in Molly during her visit to the vet, as reported by the Eastern Daily Press.

“She deserves a second chance”

Molly’s dentition and teeth were so poorly treated that it was necessary to extract several teeth. “Right now, she’s getting a lot of love and care from the team here at Block Fen,” veterinarian Jonathan Fish says in an interview with the Eastern Daily Press. “She’s an adorable little girl who’s been through so much, but through it all, she’s just the nicest little lady.” He, too, hopes that Molly will end up in better hands in the future. “She really deserves a second chance at happiness.”

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