Cat with only two legs looks like a T-Rex – and conquers the Internet

Only two legs – so what? Kitten Duck from Florida moves so naturally and confidently that her handicap almost seems normal to us.

The story of the white-grey kitten from Saint Petersburg in the US state of Florida begins sadly. The little cat Duck had to have both front legs amputated in an animal hospital because they were severely mutilated and could not be saved.

Little bundle of will to survive

Duck was a tiny kitten – and had impressive energy. “She was taken to my sister’s clinic … luckily they have a great surgeon there who wanted to save her and performed a double amputation,” her new owner Cody told me. He added, “We suspect she may have been trying to stay warm in the engine compartment of a car.” That could have caused the severe injuries.

Successful surgery and a loving new home

Cody initially only planned to care for the kitten temporarily. But during the recovery period after surgery, Duck grew more and more attached to him and his family. Everyone was impressed with how well she was doing as a two-legged friend. “It didn’t take her long at all to adjust and walk around the house on her own,” the owner reported on Instagram. Cody created the Instagram channel “purrasicduck” for the new purring family member.

Duck wows the net community

Once Duck figured out how nimble she could be with her hind legs – the tail helps balance her – there was no stopping her. And because of her special anatomy, Duck’s posture is somewhat reminiscent of a T-Rex. This can also be seen beautifully in a YouTube clip shared by the animal-themed portal The Dodo.

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