Elephants cry and suffer like us! It gets so emotional when you free the poor animals from the chains!

Carol Buckley is an American elephant nurse who specialises in helping captive elephants recover from trauma and constant physical stress.

This is the story of an American woman known as a Slovan nurse. This unusual but humane vocation is her first and greatest love. Her name is Carol Buckley. This humble woman, who also specialises in treating trauma and providing ongoing physical care for captive elephants, was able to realise her dreams in 1995 when she established her farm in Hohenwald, Tennessee, which later became “The Elephant Sanctuary”. . Later, in 2010, Buckley founded Elephant Aid International, an outreach centre that works around the world to improve and promote the lives of elephants in captivity.
Her first encounter with elephants was in college, when she saw a baby elephant named “Fluffy” for sale and used to transport tyres. As a volunteer, she volunteered to feed and salt this elephant and it was “love at first sight”, after which she decided to make this a vocation that she would pursue for the rest of her life.
Later, the elephant Tara came to her humble farm with the help of a loan and a donation, after which she established an elephant home that was the first refuge for sick old elephants. This sanctuary was named after this elephant and now covers 2 700 hectares in Koji, where dozens of elephants from Asia and Africa live.

Buckley travels to Nepal, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka every year to provide his ivory feet and advice on how to treat these animals properly and humanely. very inhumane and horrible.
Inspired by the chains and all the horrors they bring, she made a project she called “No Chain, No Pain”, after which Buckley eventually founded Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA) in Attapulgus, Georgia, a few miles north of Tallahassee Florida, in 2016.
It is truly wonderful that there are such people in the world who do the exact opposite of those who subject animals to inhumane stress, pain and suffering.

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