Search dog died rescuing people in Turkey: “Thank you for your heroic efforts!”

They stated that they are suffering a lot because of the loss of their dog

Mexican rescuers are mourning the death of a member of their team, the dog Proteo, who died while rescuing people from the rubble. He and his colleagues were searching the ruins in the Turkish city of Kahramanmaraş, which was the epicenter of the earthquake.

The dog worked with his team and together they searched the ruins. Then the most terrifying thing for any rescuer happened: a part of the building collapsed on him and buried him. Although his human colleagues immediately pulled him out from under the debris, and then tried to revive him, the unfortunate dog could not be saved.

The Mexican Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) also announced the unfortunate event. In a press release, they stated that they are suffering greatly because of the loss of the dog.

We are saddened by the loss of our great colleague, the dog Protea. You fulfilled your duty as a member of the Mexican search and rescue team, in the operation we went to help our brothers in Turkey. Thank you for your heroic work – the announcement reads.

It has been announced that a farewell ceremony will be held for Protea, organized by his fellow rescuers.
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