Flight attendant becomes a heroine for a stray dog

Dogs can perceive people with almost incredible precision. Within moments of approaching them, the dog knows whether you are a good or a bad person. An unfortunate stray dog was lucky enough to meet a woman who would change his fate forever.

Work often took German flight attendant Olivia Sievers to Buenos Aires. It was in Buenos Aires in 2016 that she first met this dog. He stood sad and long-legged in front of the airport entrance. She petted him, fed him and gave him some attention. For a dog that craves love so much, that was more than enough sign to start a friendship with Olivia. The dog sensed that this was not the first and last time he would see his new friend. He waited outside the airport every day for his return. Olivia found that the dog was as friendly to her as he was to anyone who fed or petted him.

“I tried to go the other way because I didn’t want him to follow me to the hotel, but that just wasn’t possible; he would always find me and follow me,” – she once told Olivia Sievers.
She called him Rubio.

When she returned to Argentina, Rubio would meet her at the gate. After it was more than clear that the dog would not give up and forget Olivia, she decided to help him and find him a suitable home.

She found a family that gave him a new home, but Rubio ran away and waited for Olivia outside the hotel where he usually stays. He slept on the carpet outside the hotel and didn’t move until Olivia came back one day.

This was too much for her. Her heart trembled with happiness when she saw the dog waiting for her again. She knew that this was no longer a coincidence and that the dog had grown too close to her heart.

She decided to take him with her to Germany, and after the dog was ready, they flew home together.

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