Puppy Buried Alive on a Beach is Now Thriving with Foster Fail Family!

At the beginning of this year, a terrible abuse situation of an unfortunate dog took place in Hawaii, which angered everyone. People worldwide were utterly shocked by the horror that one man was willing to show toward a regrettable and helpless animal.

A helpless dog was buried alive on a Hawaiian beach after cruel abuse. His abuser was nicknamed “the abuser with the machete.” He got this nickname after one of the eyewitnesses testified that the monster was holding a machete and burying a dog alive on the beach in Oahu, Hawaii.
It was a seriously mentally ill person, so the man who saw this monstrous post-tooth immediately contacted the animal rescue organization “PAWS of Hawaii.”
A large team of rescuers was on the scene rapidly, and the scene they found froze the blood in their veins.
The dog was so injured that some volunteers testified that they had never seen anything like that in their careers. The poor dog’s body had sunburns and other injuries and wounds that accompanied them.
Due to the very critical condition of the poor dog, he was immediately transferred to “Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services,” where a team of veterinarians immediately took care of him.

Treatment required backbreaking work and effort. Fortunately, everything ended well, and the dog got a new chance at life. The next task of the humane people from the animal rescue center was to find the dog and a suitable family that would adopt it. It was Amanda Krasniewski and her husband.

These good people have been adopting dogs that need a home and lots of love for years. These people’s goal in life is to help poor animals that have suffered severe trauma. The married couple adopted as many as 12 dogs before Leialoha.
When they found out about this dog, they immediately came and provided everything necessary, so the dog would be in their home as soon as possible. They called him Leialoha.

Only thanks to the good people who gave a chance to an abused dog can he now finally forget all the traumas and horrors that happened to him in the past.

Amanda Krasniewski is reluctant to recall Leialoha’s condition from the beginning. According to her, Leialoha was swollen, her body smelled terrible due to skin problems, and it was excruciating. Malnourished, anxious, and sad, but on the other hand, Leialoha was full of strength and will to live. Poor Leialoha wanted to survive this nightmare because she loved life too much.
When Amanda visited Leialoha at the animal rescue center, Leialoha waggled her tail and greeted her future friend and rescuer.

Today, this genuinely poignant situation is far behind the happy Leialoha. Once an unhappy dog in agony, but today she is beautiful, comfortable, and full of energy. Leialoha enjoys being with her new family, adores other dogs and people, and her story teaches us that humans are genuinely complete only when we help the weak and unfortunate and that we are delighted only then.

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