Heroic Yorkie fends off a coyote to save her 10-year-old owner!

The happiest children have the privilege of growing up with dogs. Dogs are not just friends for children to play with; dogs can significantly benefit children. This is especially noticeable in children with anxiety.
However, dogs will best protect your children if they are in danger, as today’s story testifies to that. Meet the tiny dog with the heart of a true hero, a Yorkie named Macy.

Brave Macy lives with her owner Dorothy Kwan in Scarborough, Toronto. Dorothy Kwan is a single mother of a ten-year-old girl, and the girl and Macy go for a walk every day.
One day, while they were walking, a wild coyote suddenly appeared in front of them. This animal can cause problems, so the situation that little Macy and the girl found themselves in was difficult.
No one knew that a small dog like Macy could be so brave. This tiny crumb had enough courage to stand before the coyote and scare him with his loud and fearless barking.

Macy barked so loudly that she startled the large coyote, who backed away, saving the girl’s life.
The little girl was crying, and she was scared. The situation in the video was more than dramatic. The little girl was calling for help, but no one was around at that moment except the fearless Macy.
Macy stood between the coyote and the girl like a protective wall. At one point, the coyote started towards Macy and seriously injured her. Dorothy Kwan said that her injuries were severe and that her life was saved only thanks to the quick action of a veterinary hospital.
Macy had injuries all over her body, and a small dog sacrificed its life to save the life of a frightened girl. During this emotional moment, she asked many questions about how much love our furry friends, dogs, can be.

Orphan Macy’s treatment is costly. Only thanks to good people around the world were money collected for her treatment. Macy deserved good health after this act.
As much as 20,000 dollars was collected through “GoFundMe” to treat orphan Macy.
Macy is undergoing recovery therapy; her wounds have been repaired, and the surgery went well. Macy no longer has a high fever, and the prospects for her recovery are excellent.
Dorothy never misses an opportunity to reiterate her pride in her brave Macy. Without her, her daughter would certainly not be alive today. For this family, Macy is not just an ordinary dog; she is a family member and everything that each of us needs in our lives.

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