Man carries his paraplegic puppy in his arms to enjoy the rain: “He still loves it”

“I will watch over you forever, no matter what happens” was the promise that Agea Santos from Brazil made to his best friend, the dog Alvin. At the time, he had no idea that his furry friend would one day experience a severe stroke, after which he would no longer be able to move.
This stroke was a challenging experience for a lively, energetic dog. However, Agea Santos would rather not give up on his friend, not only because of the promise he made to him but because he is naturally someone who never gives up and finds a solution to every problem.

For Santos, his friend Alvin was not a duty; everything he did for him to make his day brighter and bring back happiness and joy was from the heart with a lot of love.
He only wanted his friend Alvin to know every day that he was safe and that Santos would always be there for him.
Santos is doing everything in his power to help Alvin and the professional staff so that his health condition affects Alvin’s daily life as little as possible.
Santos reminisced about the good times from the past and performed some particularly endearing situations. Alvin loves the rain, and one of his favorite games is running in the shower, and since this is now impossible due to his health condition, Santos has found a solution.
He took his friend Alvin in his arms and carried him out into the heavy summer downpour.
The photo you will have the chance to see will surely make you shed a tear of joy.

While the dog was standing in the rain, it lost its balance at one point and fell to the ground. Santos held him in his arms as if nothing had happened.
The two best friends spent unforgettable moments in the rain like they used to.

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