A small, sad puppy did not want to leave his mother who died!

The discussions about whether animals have feelings like humans do not stop not even today! Can an animal feel love or sadness? Can a dog grieve over the loss of its mother? These and many other questions occupy many people. With this article we want to try to give answers, at least partially. People who have pets and are “as one” with them are sure that animals have feelings, that they may not express themselves as humans do, but they still feel. Their behaviour and habits change when they survive a pain or stress, and after that they are no longer the same, maybe for a short time, maybe forever.
After this text, people who do not think on this way, will think about everything – we are sure of that.
The divine bond between mother and child is felt not only by humans but also by animals. Proof of this assertion is provided by a man from India who recorded the incredible suffering of a dog because of the death of its mother.

A man named Somi has seen pictures of this scene on the internet several times, taken by curious passers-by and then shared on the internet.

However, he did not know exactly where the dog was. He only knew that the dog and its mother had been there for a week, according to VoSD (Voice of Stray Dogs). It took Soma a while to find out where the puppy was, and VoSD could not locate the dogs during that time….

This man tried for a long time to get the puppy away from the mother’s body, which was already in an advanced stage of decomposition.
“Whenever I put him away, he would come back and lie down next to her, uttering painful cries as if calling for her.”

A large number of people walked past them, but no one was allowed to approach for fear of their reaction. They mostly took photos and kept walking. This man, however, came closer.
Somi was very careful in this action. He duly collected the remains of the dead dog and then “buried” them.

It is unbelievable that the puppy did not want to follow the man, but persistently returned to the place where he had lost his mother.
This scene was very painful and sad for everyone.

The puppy was named Somi after its rescuer and will be adopted by the founder of VoSD. Finally, the puppy has found a forever home and we are sure that these people will give him all the love and replace his mother in some way.

The saddest part is that the photo of the puppy hugging its mother’s body is still circulating on social media. People were also spreading the photo for their personal gain and asking for donations. It is very disturbing to know that this is still happening.

We applaud the efforts of Somi and VoSD in rescuing the puppy and ensuring a proper burial for his mother.

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