Chimera’s little cat adores the man who saved her life!

We often appeal to people to open the doors of their homes to abandoned and abandoned animals. If they are able to feed them and give them water. They are left alone at the mercy of the street with no one to take care of them, where they are exposed to various dangers every day. This is the story of Chimera the cat, who was found on the street together with her litter. Chimera and her brothers were lucky enough to be found by some good people with a big heart.
These good people changed Chimera’s life forever.

Mrs Malia and her husband took a walk one day to a nearby playground in a park in New York because their son had a game that day.

This day was just a normal day like any other, and Malia had no idea that she would save several lives that day. The kittens were very small, malnourished and scared, and the mother cat was nowhere to be seen.

Malia and her husband decided to take the little kittens home, and local cat rescuer Sunny helped them with everything. The little kittens were given a safe and warm home, fed, cleaned of various parasites and fleas, and given the most affection and love because they needed it the most.
Their general health improved in record time, they were cared for daily, they regained their energy, became playful, and Maila noticed that one kitten in particular stood out.
One kitten had a different coloured coat, and its behaviour and play was completely different from the others. It was a small Chimera kitten that was very attached to its rescuers from the beginning. It also showed a kind of jealousy when neglected or left out of hand, and it also always clearly expressed its contentment and happiness. At first, the family just wanted to feed the kittens until they were strong and independent enough to find another home, but their son became so attached to them that they had to stay with them.

“He fell in love with them and begged me to keep them,” Maila revealed in an interview with Love Meow.

Chimera is now an adult cat, a great pet and a favourite of the whole family.
This is a truly wonderful story that fills the hearts of all good people. We appeal once again to be humane and help animals who live alone and abandoned on the streets because they have no one but you!

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