Pit bull with note found tied to tree in middle of park

A cute pit bull was found tied to a tree, and the message left there broke millions of people’s hearts!

It seems to us that lately, owners of their pets who, for whatever reason, can no longer take care of them, find the easiest way to abandon them, by simply leaving them in a public place with a heartbreaking message.

A beautiful pit bull was found tied to a tree in a Brooklyn park, and on the tree trunk was a message. The message is for the future owner of this friendly and very gentle dog.

28-year-old Eric Maus of the Prospect Lefferts Gardens organization was walking the two dogs he cares for that day. As he was walking in the park, he noticed a dog that was tied up and its owner was not around.

He approached the dog to learn more and saw a piece of paper attached to a tree trunk.

The dog looked beautiful and well cared for; it was clean and chubby. The man reached out to pet the dog and it responded very kindly. This pit bull was gentle and very friendly. The man was completely confused by this situation.

The message that was hanging on the tree was as follows:

“Take me home with you. I am a great dog. Don’t let my size scare you. I’m cute.”

He also read that the dog’s name was Mamas and that he was seven years old. That’s when Eric realized he had to help this dog because his owners would never show up.

He took a few photos and posted them on Facebook, hoping one of the good people would help the dog find a home. The folks at Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Windsor Terrace responded to the post.

When Mamas was taken to the animal hospital, they found he was dehydrated, but he was always cheerful and cooperated well with people. It was easier for him to be safe now.

The shelter staff will make sure that this beautiful and happy dog finds the home he deserves.

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