4-year-old throws food on the kitchen floor and the hungry pit bulls wait for her command to eat!

If you’ve ever had a dog, you know that feeding time can be quite an adventure. Most dogs aren’t exactly patient when it comes to eating, and they can often become overly enthusiastic. Loud barking and even jumping are considered typical and are quite common among dogs, regardless of breed.

However, the dogs in the following video are excellently behaved, contrary to all preconceptions about their breed. The pit bulls wait patiently while food is handed to them. And the best part? The person feeding them is only four years old!

The four males sit and watch as their little owner pours all of their food onto the floor, never seeming impatient. When the little girl finally tells them they can eat, the dogs grab the food without showing any kind of aggressive behavior or trying to protect their food.

Apart from being an adorable video that shows the wonderful bond between dogs and their owners, it also proves that a dog’s behavior depends more on how he was raised and less on his breed.

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