“Pistachio”: The dog gave birth to a puppy with green fur!

One farmer in Italy found something completely incredible on his farm! In the litter that his dog gave birth to, there was one green puppy.

The little puppy, who was immediately named Pistachio, was part of a litter of five dogs born on October 9. All had white fur and the same color as their mother, except him.

The owner said that green is a symbol of hope and good luck!

It is rare for dogs to be born with green hair, which is believed to happen when pale puppies in the womb come into contact with a green pigment called biliverdin.

However, the peculiar color of the Pistachio does not last forever. The light green color of his coat is getting cloudier every day, and he gets a little darker as he gets older.

While his siblings are given away to their new homes, Mallokchi will keep pistachios on his farm and train him to watch over the sheep with his mother, Spellaccia.

Mallokchi said that in these difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic, green symbolizes hope and happiness. It could have been done so that pistachios could block a smile on people’s faces.

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