On the highway there is an ordinary-looking hotel, where it is literally impossible to book a room

A unique work

EastLink Hotel is just off the highway outside Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It looks like a skyscraper but is an unusual sculpture.

The ” EastLink ” hotel was founded in 2007 and designed by Callum Morton. Although it is not of imposing dimensions (it is only 12 meters wide, 20 meters high, and only 5 meters thick), it is certainly unusual for the very reason that if you drive your car past it, it is almost certain that you will not even notice it.

To make matters even more confusing, some windows are lit at night, giving the impression that some rooms are inhabited.

However, there are no rooms, and the building itself cannot be entered, as it is a sculpture that serves only as decoration.

Callum Morton designed this unusual hotel in Melbourne, as a kind of optical illusion. From afar, it will look like a building standing in an unusual place, but up close it will look like a sculpture.

The large rectangular building with the big red “HOTEL” sign on the top looks relatively inconspicuous at first glance, but then you realize that it is not so imposing and stands in the middle of a barren field then, it gets confusing. But that’s intentional.

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