A woman showed what an egg she kept for 20 years looks like. You have to watch this!

The woman boiled the egg and forgot about it.

A shocking photo on the Internet caused a real shock after a woman from China shared it on social networks. It is a boiled egg that is even 20 years old! The egg is so complex that it resembles a beautiful, expensive ruby.

A woman named Fu posted photos of the petrified egg on the Chinese social networking site Douban, where they quickly attracted attention and went viral. Soon, news agencies came forward and wanted to know more about the history of this unique egg. This woman then bought her daughter a tiny egg to ensure she ate a healthy meal at school.
Her mother prepared a boiled egg for her everyday so that she would have her meal during the break at school. However, she left the egg in her backpack pocket and forgot about it. She would rather not eat it when she found it because it had been sitting there for days. But she would rather not throw away the tender egg, so she put it in the fridge and forgot about it altogether for a few months.

When her mother found the egg, it was already maroon, and she decided to keep it in a small jewelry box instead of throwing it away. Over the years, Fu moved out of her parent’s house and forgot about the stored egg, but her mother recently found it while cleaning up and showed it to her. The egg was petrified and had the smooth texture of a plastic ball with small cracks all over the body.

The photos of an egg from 20 years ago have left a big impression on social media users. Some referred to it as a “Pharaonic egg”; others wondered why it hadn’t rotted in all this time. Ms. Fu didn’t have all the answers but said it might have something to do with the cold and dry winter conditions in the region where she grew up. Experts still need to confirm their theory.

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