“Only 25 left in the world”: Woman sells her car to buy a special cat

Caracas are a young cat breed, which was created from a cross between a desert lynx (Caracal) and an Abyssinian domestic cat. In this way, breeders have bred a purring pet that looks like a real lynx!

There are only 25 such representatives in the world and they are very expensive!

Inni Feltz has been interested in cats for a long time – for about 23 years. All these years she dreamed of having a wild cat in the house, but caracals live in the house only for half a year and then have to be moved to special enclosures.

Imagine her surprise when she saw an ad for a caracca named Cataleya Ginevra.

She knew she had to buy the animal. And she did…However, she had to sell her family car, a Toyota Prius.

“People still ask me, ‘Is that right?” and look at me like I’m blessed,” Inni smiles. – “My husband had to be persuaded to take this step, but in the end he supported me.”

Soon after, three-month-old Ginna was picked up from the kennel.

“When she came out of the transport box, our Spitzchus immediately pounced on her and started licking her. Ginna was very surprised by this warm welcome, and within a few minutes they were playing together,” Inni said.

In terms of character, Jinnah is very affectionate and gentle! She has never extended her claws on anyone, but she loves to cuddle, rub and massage.

“When nine pounds jumps on you in the morning and starts cuddling and purring, you wake right up,” Inni laughs. – At the same time, Jinnah is still growing, and her weight can increase up to 28 pounds.

The cat considers the woman Inni her mother and listens to her unconditionally.

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