A deer cow came out of the forest to the people when she heard a human baby crying

A week ago, Hannah Burton of Ohio witnessed a rare sight: a young doe came running out of the woods toward her and her newborn son, Charlie.

Hannah took the baby out for some fresh air and laid him on a blanket. The boy didn’t like that and started to cry. Suddenly, Hannah saw a doe hesitantly approaching in the meadow and heard the baby’s cries. This amazing footage was captured on video:

What the woman was thinking at that moment, no one probably knows. But since the calls of small reindeer are very similar to the cries of children, we can assume that she actually mistook a human cub for her own.


When you almost have to throw down with a momma deer because your baby starts crying outside

♬ original sound – Hanna Burton

Hannah’s post on TikTok immediately caught the attention of users. Within a few hours, the video was viewed by more than 27 million people.

In the comments, wildlife experts explained that this behavior is very typical for deer.

“They are true protectors,” wrote one commentator. – He always comes to the aid of other small animals. Often you can see deer fending off rabbits from predators. These noble animals have a good heart”.

Later, Hannah posted another video of a mother deer and two fawns. They are alive and well and have taken up residence near her home.

To commemorate the story, Charlie’s grandmother gave her grandson a T-shirt that read, “If I cry, they will come.”

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