Monks from the monastery have adopted an adorable stray dog! Now he enjoys the life of a monk!

I always knew that dogs are amazing creatures, capable of things that seem more than impossible for a four-legged creature. But I never would have guessed that the dog was a monk. Well, believe it or not, this adorable pup proves otherwise. Meet: Carmelo, now Brother Bigotón – the only furry resident of the Franciscan Monastery of Cochabamba in Bolivia.

Although a puppy living as a friar is quite surprising, Carmelo’s naming seems more than appropriate, as he is the saint after whom the Franciscan order was founded – St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Fra Bigotón is not only a monk in name, but wears a sweet Franciscan habit.

But before the monastery adopted him, his life was anything but easy, as he lived on the streets. But thanks to a local animal rescue organization – Proyecto Narices Frías – the puppy’s life has changed dramatically. And since their initiative was so successful, the group hopes that Carmel’s wonderful story will serve as inspiration and that other monasteries will adopt this idea of animal adoption in the future.

As for Brother Bigotón’s duties, his brothers said that he does not have to give up his old habits. Therefore, the cutest resident of the monastery spends his time like any other dog. “His life consists of playing and running. Here, all the brothers love him with all their hearts. He is a creation of God,” says Jorge Fernandez, a monk at the monastery.

Check out just a few of the adorable photos the monks posted online:

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