Influencer faints and breaks his nose at the gym

In their efforts to show themselves in the best light on social networks, influencers often find themselves in unpredictable situations that, in the worst case, come across as ridiculous.

27-year-old Newas Sharif from the United Arab Emirates experienced a very embarrassing situation after a strenuous workout at the gym. On his TikTok account, the influencer shows his activities and then poses in front of a mirror. In his effort to present himself and his body in the most impressive light possible, he inevitably strikes poses that involve tensing his muscles as well as a heavy sigh.

Only one of his TikTok videos went viral, completely unplanned and unexpected. While posing in front of the mirror, Newas Sharif fainted, hitting his face on the glass and breaking his nose in the fall.

“I fainted because I didn’t rest after the shoot so my heartbeat was high,” Sharif said.

The friend who was filming him thought it was another of his usual pranks. But it was different. The fall was serious and not at all naive. Sharif sought medical treatment after the fall.

This video had an incredible 5 million views, which made it even more famous in the virtual world.

Of course, this “bad luck” did not stop the influencer from continuing to train and show his body to his millions of fans.


I passed out and broke my nose while posing infront of the mirror 😭🤲 #foryou #fyp #gym

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