Meet The Extremely Rare, 1 In 100,000 Black Barn Owl!

If you were to ask someone what their favourite bird is, the owl would certainly be at the top. They win our hearts with their irresistible big eyes. Their distinctive voice always evokes special feelings in us.
There are a number of different owl species, distinguished from each other by different feather or eye colours. Today we introduce you to an extremely rare species of black owl, which, you will admit, looks very beautiful.

A genetic mutation known as melanism has given these black tawny owls an unusual appearance that sets them apart from other birds. But life for a newborn owl with melanism is not easy. If they survive at all, they grow up to be extraordinary birds, and as babies they are constantly attacked by other owls, and it is not uncommon for their own mothers to reject them because of their unique colour.

These are definitely very big challenges for these little birds. That’s why their uniqueness is so highly valued.
There are only three known black owls in the UK, which is truly amazing.

We think that rare bird conservation societies should get more involved in protecting the tawny owl, because it really would be a great tragedy if these extraordinary specimens just disappeared.
“They are differently coloured and by nature, and especially with barn owls, it’s survival of the fittest. Black tawny owls are usually smaller [than common tawny owls] and sometimes have vision and hearing problems,” says Ms Manarin, the owner of the black owl.

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