Little Dog Is So Happy That People Remembered His Birthday !

For each of us, our birthday is a special day of the year. This day belongs only to us and we spend it together with the people we love. This dog also felt extraordinary joy on the occasion of his third birthday. A dog named Odin showed an extraordinary reaction when he saw his birthday surprise.
Neither a smaller dog nor a bigger happiness! He even managed to put a grimace of a smile on his face, irresistible, isn’t it!

Odin lives with Joyce Cetina and her family. After being adopted 3 years ago, this lovable dog has tried to make every day special for this family. He has spent both beautiful and sad moments with them, and now the family has decided to return the favour for all the years of boundless support. The day they are celebrating is actually the day he became a member of their family.

“Of course Odin is loved and pampered all year round, but for us this is an important day because it is the day he came into our lives. He makes us very happy.” said Joyce.

As Odin’s birthday approached earlier this month, the Cetina family did not miss the opportunity to celebrate him properly. They gave him a great party to show how much they love him.
On the table there was a dog cake and other treats that Odin likes so much.
Everyone present sang a birthday song for Odin, and the dog wagged his tail the whole time.

“He was a little confused at first. He didn’t understand what it was all about, but then he saw that the attention was on him and that the cake was for him. He was very happy,” Joyce said.

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