Meet: Kozy, the cat who thinks she’s a husky!

It is not uncommon that friendships between different species of animals esrtehen. The most beautiful friendships are those between dogs and cats.

A small, vulnerable kitten named Kozy was once found helpless and confused on the street.

Fortunately, she was rescued by a woman who already owned three huskies. Today Kozy is an adult cat and sees herself as a big, brave dog like her “brothers”.

Just look at the photos. She really feels like she is part of this dog family.

Since they grew up together, this is not surprising.

Kozy enjoys being demanding and giving a sense of authority. This cat’s life would be unimaginable without her big brothers.

She loves to play with them, show off her flexible body tricks, and just enjoy their company.

Kozy is confident, and perhaps the security her canine brothers give her makes her feel much more confident than she is.

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