Shelter dog with rare skull tumor gets second chance thanks to 3D-printed implant

Bliss is a small dog from Texas who was only 2 years old when he was diagnosed with a skull tumor. After he was diagnosed with the serious disease, his owners could not take care of him anymore and gave him to the shelter “Emme Medical Rescue”.

The shelter took little Bliss in, and the shelter volunteers made sure that the dog received proper treatment and care.

After the dog was examined at the veterinary hospital, tests showed that the disease had not damaged the nervous system and that the dog did not have any diseases other than the tumor. The founder of the shelter, Elizabeth Hart, after consulting with a veterinarian from Canada, was very happy about Bliss’ surgery.

After various tests, it was determined that Bliss’ tumor could be removed, as well as part of her skull and facial bones, which will later be replaced with an implant made with a 3D printer.

This type of implant is manufactured in Australia, and the price is extremely high. Therefore, an online humanitarian campaign was launched to raise money to buy an implant for little Bliss. In this way, the whole world got involved to help little Bliss.

The company that manufactures the implant worked with the surgeon every day to develop an implant that would be ideal for this dog and give him a new chance at life.

In the end, this wonderful dog received a new chance.

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