Paralyzed dog teaches baby to walk

People all over the world just love videos with babies and pets. A little boy from Port Charlotte, Florida, AND his paralyzed dog captured many hearts when a video of them together went viral on the internet.

This wonderful family adopted a paralyzed dog to provide a safe home AND give him all the love he deserves. Regardless of his disability, Kahlua the dog is second to none in energy and enthusiasm. Lori Dugas, the owner of this friendly dog, explained on her Tik Tok account what actually happened to little Kahlua.

When Kahlua was a little puppy, she fell out of a window and broke her spine and hip in the fall. After this fall, Kahlua was never able to use her back legs again. All this caused great pain and suffering to the poor dog.

After that, her owners at that time didn’t want to take care of her anymore and took her to a shelter. When Lori Dugas and her stepmother adopted little Kahlua, she was ready for the hard work ahead. Kahlua had to learn to walk again.

Kahlua always knew she wanted to repay this family in her own way for all the good they had done for her. She was very thankful for the world, and the Dugas family knew that.

At first, Lori Dugas was a little worried about how Kahlua would handle her baby. But their friendship has turned out better than she could have imagined.

Lori Dugas often shares beautiful videos of her child and Kahlua hanging out on Tik Tok. At one point, she even wrote, “Our paralyzed dog taught the baby to crawl.”

In the video, the baby and dog could be seen playfully crawling on the floor while Lori cheered them on. The dog wagged its tail the whole time, encouraging the little baby to keep going. Really beautiful!

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