Man got ‘sweetest revenge’ from stray dogs after kicking her friend

You have probably heard the expression “friends in good times and bad”, you have also experienced the power of true friendship at least once in your life and the feeling that without real friends who are always there for you, you have nothing behind you. And it’s no different in the world of animals. They may not be able to speak, but for better or worse they feel in danger, and in some of their languages they call out to their friends for help.

A passer-by in Chongqing, China, ran over a stray dog as it lay where he was trying to park his car. And all this would not have been unusual if the injured dog had not returned a few hours later with his friends to wreak havoc on the car of a thug who had beaten an innocent animal for no reason. In the photo shown, a group of dogs can be seen trying to chew up a wing and windscreen wipers. The visible damage to the car was revenge enough for these resourceful animals.

“Any abuse should expect revenge!” reads one of the comments on social media. This picture was taken because an acquaintance of a violent passer-by happened to be on hand and neatly painted it all out, proving that this doesn’t work after all Karma Violent behaviour towards a dog.

People who have a dog as a pet know that they are much more, that they return every good deed twice over, that they are faithful and loyal and that they do not deserve to be subjected to coercion. These dogs did not have their own boss to defend them, but instead they have friends who respond immediately when help is needed.

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