Locked up for over three daysPacked by mistake: cat travels over 300 miles by mail

A nightmare for all animal lovers! A cat owner sends a package by mail. But he overlooks the fact that his cat has hidden unnoticed in the box. A whole 300 miles and over three days later, the package is finally opened. But instead of a car part, a cat jumps out of the parcel.

A long journey for a small creature. Because cat Sanny hid in a cardboard box, she unintentionally traveled over 500 kilometers from Hagen to Pressath in Bavaria. This was reported by RTL.

Her owner had ordered a car part, which was delivered in a large cardboard box. Contrary to plan, the shipment had to be returned – but the cat lover didn’t notice that his Sanny had made herself comfortable in the box. So on April 4, the same box set off on its return journey, with Sanny the cat as its undiscovered passenger.

At the post office in Hamm, the animal had to wait in the package for almost 48 hours before it was delivered. On April 6, the package with Sanny officially left her home state of North Rhine-Westphalia. During the night, the cargo arrived at the final destination Pressath. But another 30 hours passed before the cat was discovered.

Cat locked in package for more than three days
The employees in the returns department of “ATP Autoteile” were visibly surprised when they opened the package, as one employee described: “When I cut open the cardboard box and a cat jumped out as if from nowhere, I was shocked at first. Then the emotions went through with all of us – we were totally excited and also very worried about the cat.”

However, they were quickly able to track down the cat’s owner – through the address on the package. On April 8, he picked up his Sanny again. The cat remained completely unharmed by the transport and probably only got away with a scare.

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